Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the greatest gifts you can give a loved one. Affordable life insurance from Picone Insurance Agency, Matthews NC,offers great options for getting the right amount of coverage at a price that fits your budget. Let your local Erie Insurance agent provide life insurance quotes on a range of coverage options to see just how affordable the very best life insurance can be.

To learn more about the life insurance options that might be best for you, schedule an appointment with Larry Picone, your Matthews NC insurance agent. Larry is an insurance broker with the ability to place business with many insurance companies. He can advise you on the benefits of term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, senior life insurance, mortgage insurance and burial insurance.

If you are a Matthews NC business owner, you will want to talk with life insurance agent Larry Picone about business life insurance that is essential to long-term business operations. He can explain the benefits and types of business life insurance, including principal life insurance, key employee insurance and business continuation insurance.

While Picone Insurance Agency offices are in Matthews NC, many of the agency’s customers are in surrounding areas. Picone Insurance has life insurance customers in Stallings NC, Indian Trail NC, Waxhaw NC, Hemby Bridge NC, Weddington NC, Wesley Chapel NC, Marvin NC, Mint Hill NC, Monroe NC, Ballantyne and South Charlotte. We would welcome the opportunity to be your life insurance agent.

Terms you may hear while exploring life insurance at Picone Insurance Agency in Matthews NC

Term life insurance provides a specified level of coverage at a prescribed cost for a limited period of time. If the insured dies within the covered period, the benefit is paid to one or more beneficiaries. Common policies include 30-year term life insurance, 20-year term life insurance,10-year term life insurance and 5-year term life insurance. Talk with your life insurance agent at Picone Insurance Agency, Matthews NC, to determine if term life insurance is your best option.

Mortgage insurance, a form of decreasing term life insurance,will pay off your mortgage, should you die before you complete your payments. You may also want to look at a decreasing term life insurance policy for a car loan.If your lender requires mortgage insurance, call Larry Picone in Matthews NC.

Burial insurance or final expense insurance is term life insurance that can also be used to cover final expenses, such as a funeral and burial.Your life insurance agent at Picone Insurance Agency, Matthews NC will help you decide if final expense insurance is right for you.

Whole life insurance policies build cash value on a tax-deferred basis and are considered a form of long-term insurance or permanent life insurance, thus the name whole life insurance.This cash value may be accessed during your lifetime as a loan. Should you die before the loan is repaid, the death benefit and cash value will be reduced. Your Matthews NC life insurance agent can explain all the finer points of whole life insurance.

Universal life insurance combines term life insurance with whole life insurance for an affordable permanent life insurance solution. Cash value builds in a tax-deferred account. Additional benefits frequently include guaranteed cash value, flexible premiums and the option of taking policy loans. Universal life insurance is a popular option for business continuation coverage, key person coverage, charitable giving and transferring wealth.

As you begin to shop for life insurance coverage, you will need to determine if you simply want affordable term life insurance or if other factors are even more important to you. For instance, are you looking for term life insurance-no medical exam coverage? Perhaps you want to explore life insurance policies that build cash value. Your life insurance agent at Picone Insurance Agency, Matthews NC, will help you compare insurance coverage options.

While some agents may encourage you to buy whole vs. term life insurance, Larry Picone of Picone Insurance Agency in Matthews will explain the cycles of whole life vs. term life insurance. Whole life policies may build some cash value, but the significantly higher premiums may make term life insurance a more appropriate option to meet your individual needs. It’s very important to understand the difference between whole and term life insurance before you make the purchase.

Let Picone Insurance Agency, Matthews NC,help you find the life insurance rates and the life insurance coverage that’s right for you.